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About Me

My name is Duncan John Bunting, I was born May 1995 in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have recently proudly graduated with a BSc(Hons) from Abertay University in Computer Games Technology I have lived in Scotland my entire life, slowly moving towards the west coast before making a U-Turn and going all the way to Dundee for University. My passion is games, I have pursued this passion from a young age. I am eager and willing to explore and learn new things constantly and I am currently looking to kickstart my career in the games industry after my graduation from Abertay University. Thoughout my time at Abertay I have learnt and grown from my experiences both good and bad, reinforcing my love for programming, design and computer games.
I am a huge Sci-Fi fan, I love space and everything about it, there is rarely a space game or movie that I don't enjoy. My latest project, Little Planets, combines my love for strategy games and the sci-fi genre as I develop a 4X game, a project I have wanted to work on for a long time. My other interests include video editing, gaming and hoping to get back into hiking and biking.

View My CV/Résumé - Updated: 26 / MAY / 2017


Cybernaut Games is the indie dev team I lead.
Learn more at the official website: www.cybernautgames.com

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